Nature Center

Cranberry Lake Preserve Staff

Curator - Danniela Ciatto
Danniela has been a curator with Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation for over 10 years. She earned an AAS in natural resources and conservation from SUNY Morrisville, and her BS in wildlife ecology from the University of Maine. Prior to her tenure at Westchester County she held various positions including wildlife educator at the Bronx Zoo and teaching at various sanctuaries.

Resident Wildlife

The Nature Center features many exhibits, from live animals to skulls, maps, and other displays. Be sure to stop into the Center to meet some of the resident wildlife! See chinchillas up close, or watch a hissing cockroach crawl, or listen to doves cooing! There are many things to look at in the Center.

Cranberry Lake Preserve is an ideal setting for students. Contact the Curator if you are interested in:

  Summer Ecology Camp
   Boy or Girl Scout Outings at the Preserve
  Birthday Parties

Nature Center Hours

Visit the Westchester County Parks page for most up to date hours, or call the Center in advance.